class ExportApi(client, workspace=None)

Set of functions to access and generate export files.

get_list(export_type=None, interview_status=None, questionnaire_identity=None, export_status=None, has_file=None)
get(questionnaire_identity, export_type='Tabular', interview_status='All', export_path='', generate=False, limit_age=None, limit_date=None, show_progress=False)

Downloads latest available export file

  • questionnaire_identity (str) – Questionnaire id in format QuestionnaireGuid$Version

  • export_type (str) – Format of the export data: Tabular, STATA, SPSS, Binary, DDI, Paradata

  • interview_status – What interviews to include in the export: All, SupervisorAssigned, InterviewerAssigned, Completed, RejectedBySupervisor, ApprovedBySupervisor, RejectedByHeadquarters, ApprovedByHeadquarters

  • export_path (str) – Path to save the downloaded file

  • generate (bool) – generate new export if no existing result setisfies the specified filters

  • limit_age (Optional[int]) – only return export file if created less than limit_age minutes ago

  • limit_date (Optional[datetime]) – only return export file if created after the limit_date

start(export_job, wait=False, show_progress=False)

Start new export job

  • export_job (ExportJob) – ExportJob object

  • wait (bool) – if True will wait for the process to complete, otherwise, exit right away


ExportJob object